We provide all the capabilities you need to create and manage coupons. Users can redeem the coupons with QR Code, and the coupon performance can be tracked and reviewed.
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QR Code Redemption
Content-based advertisement is available for restaurants to highlight the merit of their brands. This ad format combines the benefits of traditional ads with feature articles, which diners might perceive them as more credible.
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Sponsor Restaurants
Millions of consumers use OpenRice every day to make dining decisions. Based on a particular search criteria, we feature your restaurant when diners search for a particular criteria relevant to yours.
Search Result Page
Special Listing
A number of Special Listings have been introduced for search of popular cuisines conveniently. Restaurants information can be displaced at the most eye-catching spot of the special listing page, and convert the visitors to your customers.
Buffet Special
Hotpot Special
Party Special
Seasonal Special
Suggested Restaurant / Coupon
A native marketing approach to show your restaurant at restaurant pages of your potential competitors. Based on a particular search criteria, advertised restaurants will be randomly shown at the "You Might Be Interested In" section.
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